Sea Gypsies | Ko Siray | Wat Siray hill |

From the roof Siray hill

Me and my lovely friend went back three times to the Sea Gypsies Village. Most Sea Gypsies make their living by fishing or pearl diving from seasalt water.

Then you have pearl from freshwater but the most fresh comming from Malaysia, China and also Thailand. My friend bought real pearl which fisherman fished very rarley. But sometimes the happiness comes. From the heart to another.

It’s so much contrast while Phuket’s Westcoast are filling up whit hotel, bars, tourist and beaches.

I will be back several times to live here, talk more to the beautiful people and see more of culture and history inside. Its more difficult to communicate whit some of the villagers who speak thai as well as their indigenous language.

Don’t only visit and go around and look. Support the Village for the future and the hardwork. Give them some kind love and supports.

Khop khun khaa.

Vår bästa chaufför som kör oss där han själv inte ens har varit!


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